Sunday, January 18, 2009

More hand dyes

I usually share some of the fabrics I hand dye with Mary and Mother.  When we were all together in December, my sister Ann expressed an interest in having some too.  Mary let me know this morning that she has just about used all of the last batch I sent her and asked that I send some to Mother's and that she and Mother and Ann would divey them up when they got together the end of February.  So I pulled out a bunch today and cut some fat quarters and half yard pieces to send them.                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                           Mary also requested some dupioni silk...I had ordered a bunch of silk to dye in November, but haven't gotten it dyed yet.  But I did have these pieces left from my last silk dyeing session that I'll send.                                                                                       
The rest are cottons.  Here are some pieces that are good for landscapes and sunrises/sunsets


reds....the light was not right...these are vibrant reds and all different shades

purples/violets....again not true color because of the lighting. There is much more variation in the pieces than shows in the photos.

green....I'm low on greens...need to do some more soon.

pinks and burgundy

gold and neutrals

these also are neutrals...too much light in the photo.

  Anyway, it gives you an idea.  I'll be sending these out later this week.  That should give them enough to do a few postcards!

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  1. Such gorgeous colors, is there a tutorial on your blog? as to what kind of dyes you use? I love them, thanks for sharing,

  2. They look gorgeous, I'm sure we will get lots of pretty postcards from them.

  3. Amy, I do not have a dyeing tutorial on my blog. There are many sources of info on this subject in books and on the web.

    I use Procion MX fiber reactive dyes for both cotton and silks. The dyes and all the other chemicals needed for the process are available from both Dharma Trading Co. and Pro Chemical.

  4. Those are gorgeous, Deb! I really love that one sunset looking one on the bottom of that particular bunch. It really does look like the real thing!

  5. Deb, those are gorgeous! Do you need my address? lol

  6. You are getting some great results with your fabric dying. Yummy colors!

  7. oh my those are so have a talent....


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