Friday, May 29, 2009

A prezzie!

I have really gotten behind on my posts!  Well, I have been busy....  Anyway I'm working on catching up.  And to start Suzanne sent me this nifty little prezzie a week or so ago.  I love this light! We saw it at MQS in the A-1 booth, but they were out of them at the time.  I came home and promptly forgot all about it until Suzanne posted about hers.  I was so surprized and thrilled when this arrived in the mail!  (ignore the lint, please!)It is a magnetic LED light that fits perfectly between my needle bar and the hopping foot. And it puts the light right at the needle.

I just ran the wire along the side of the machine with the supplied magnetic wire clips that came with it

and down the back
And Don mounted the on/off switch here on my carriage..doesn't get in the way or caught on anything here and then it plugs in under my table.

Perfect!  Thanks Suzanne, I love it!

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  1. Wow an amazing little light. Great find.


  2. I gotta have one of those! I hate my current light set up.

  3. Is that made by the "Bendable Bright Light" people? I bought one of those and love it - this one would be even brighter and better. Although I must say that if we start putting brigher lights on our sewing machines, the manufacturers should use a matt finish on the presser foot so they aren't so reflective - it can get a little glare-y!


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