Thursday, May 7, 2009

Die cutter comparison

I have had a ton of e-mails asking about my two die cutters...mostly if the dies are interchangeable.  They are not. Some still don't get it even after I respond to explain. SO since a picture is worth a thousand are the pictures (along with a couple words)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Here is my Accuquilt "GO" beside my Sizzix "Big Kick"  As you can see, there is a huge size difference.

Then the dies..this is a "GO" die ( it's 10x10)
This is a "GO" die (it's 5x10)  and there are others..some as large as 10x24.

This is the largest available sizzix "Bigz" die on top of the "GO" 10x10.

The "GO" cutting mats are obviously larger, but also thinner and more flexible than the Sizzix mats

Sizzix large mat

And my sizzix "BIG KICK" dies stored

"GO" dies stored
Both cutters side by side..(the "GO" is closed up in this photo)

So, does that make it clear??

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  1. Whats clear here is that I need a GO!

  2. Which cuts better? Do the dies dull fast doing fabric? I thought the Sizzix was just for paper. Which do you prefer and why? What's the price comparison? Thanks for any information you can give us!

  3. I keep thinking of my little Honda Fit parked next to a big huge Hummer when I look at those pictures ;)

  4. does the smaller accu die fit in the sizzix?

  5. no Melanie. The dies are NOT interchangeable


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