Saturday, July 12, 2008

When it rains it pours

Thought I'd post a short one tonight so you didn't think I died. Though I sure felt like I did at times. It has not been the best couple weeks. I've had a bad upper respiratory bug and I have to have surgery, but it has to wait till the bug is gone. Very bad timing....we are gearing up for kids and grandkids to visit. Looks like the surgery will be the week between the 2 sets...ugh.

But, on the positive side, I have had problems for a while, so I guess it's good it's finally been diagnosed and is fixable with the surgery. Also, today I am feeling a little better, bug wise. I even did some quilting for a couple hours.

And this certainly made me feel DIL sent some new pictures of Fiona. They are the first ones coming...and in just 2 weeks! I can hardly wait! My DIL says that the cats actually stay in the cart for a while and let her push them around the house....too funny! This one is the oldest of the 3 cats.

Somehow I don't see Harry allowing this.....though ya never know!
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  1. Hoping that you get well soon!!

  2. Oh feel better Deb! And btw.. WHAT surgery???

  3. I wondered where you had been. I hope the bug is cleared up soon - I think I have bronchitis myself, I'll go to the dr tomorrow. I hope the surgery is not major.

  4. Hope you're feeling better real soon and the surgery goes well and you're able to enjoy your visitors. Fiona is so cute!

  5. Oh Deb....I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling too well. I hope everything goes well with your surgery. Fiona is just a cutie....I can see how she would brighten your day. :)

  6. Oh Deb, here I was thinking you were already enjoying your visitors and you've been sick. Hope you recover quickly from the surgery and sending good thoughts and positive vibes your way.

  7. Hope your surgery resolves the health issue- I am sorry to hear you have been sick.

    Sending healing hugs your way... Carla

  8. She has the cutest little face!

  9. Thank you all for the sweet comments and concern. Another couple weeks and it'll all be over.

    And the best part is Fiona will be here in just 1 week! That alone makes me feel better.


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