Friday, July 18, 2008

New toys!

Today was like Christmas! On Monday I start an online class at MQR, "color and design for art quilters". Well crayons, either prang or crayola was on the supply list. So, I send Don out to get the crayons..we need a box of at least 24. Well looky what he came back with! I didn't even know they had boxes of 120. And, there are NO duplicates!! ...I checked :) Just 120 different, glorious colors! How cool is that!
Tomorrow is Don's birthday. My birthday is still a month away. I have been wanting a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet PC for a while now. So in honor of Don's birthday, I ordered myself one! ( How's that for logic?) Don't worry, I bought him a present too. Anyway, my friend the UPS man delivered it today! And boy am I having fun!
It does take a little getting used to using the pen, but it comes pretty quick. I've already been playing in Paint. While I'm recovering from surgery I'll work on learning to use it in photoshop and corel painter.
And wait till the granddaughters get hold of it! Might be a good birthday or christmas present for them. just think of the creativity we could unleash!


  1. Girl, you get more toys than anyone I know! LOL! Lucky girl!

  2. omgoodness that looks fun to me!!!

  3. Don & I share the same birth date - how about that! Love your new toys, especially the computer thingy - I'm off to look that up and see what it does as I've never heard of it before (I live a very sheltered life - lol).

  4. Christmas in July!! Woo-hoo!!

  5. Fun toys! BTW your quilting is beautiful!

  6. 120 colors and a "surprise inside" too! You are a lucky girl!
    Michele in TN

  7. Hi Deb

    I'm new to fabric art and in last months issue in Quilting Arts Rose Hughes mentioned crayons in her Texture Play article .. you can use regular crayons??

    if you could contact me, I had a question I posted to my group, but maybe you can help me??



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