Sunday, April 26, 2009

Postcards and "For Services Rendered"

Postcards this pretty one from Mary yesterday for our April family exchange.  Thanks Mary.And this is mine for April, it is on it's way to Mother.  We are sure enjoying those die cutters we bought! 
I am using both the sizzix and the 'Go' cutter to make my latest MQR postcards...those cutters are truly addicting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Now, on to Mary's quilt.... "For Services Rendered"   For those of you who don't know the story of this quilt, it belongs to Mary. Mother made it for her to 'pay' Mary for all the quilting she does for her.  Then Mary decided I needed to quilt it. I finished quilting it back in November, but kept putting off doing the binding...I hate binding.  Well, It has to get shipped off to MQS tomorrow, so I figured I'd better get it done.  So this past week I did the binding, sleeve and label.  Then I had to soak it in cold water to get all the marks out, then wash and block it.

So I put it in the washer to soak....then had a panic attack!  It's red and white...I never thought to ask Mother if she pre-washed those reds!!!!!!!  Well, too late I paced thru the whole process of soaking and washing.

Happily, there was no bleeding!  And now it's all blocked and dry and packed up ready to ship out first thing in the morning.  Here are the photos after binding but before soaking and washing/blocking.  The blue you see is from the marking pen.  It's all gone now.
The light isn't the best, but you get the idea.
The lattice...pretty, but very time consuming. Of course, now I have figured out a quicker way to do just backtracking tiny segments you can zip right along...duh!  And I figured this out on the LAST row...LOL
 It's far from perfect, but all in all it turned out fairly well.

Now to finish putting my class kits together and finish up some postcards!

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  1. Love the postcards! I have finally settled on my idea for the MQR cards so will get them done this week. Tonight I a trying to finish quilting Mom's quilt. it will be nice to do a quilt of my own next! Your quilting on Mary's quilt is really beautiful!

  2. Lovely quilt and beautiful quilting as always. I wish you'd stop talking about those cutters - I've managed to resist one so far but my resolve is weakening :-)

  3. Wow, the photo you posted a while back didn't begin to show how great this looks. You did an amazing job but then I knew you would. Thanks!

  4. Love the quilting.....don't you just love it when you figure out a quicker way AFTER you finish.

  5. WOW! I love Mary's quilt! Just beautiful!

    Eileen Carnevale

  6. The quilt is absolutely stunning as is all your work.

  7. Your postcards are so cute and the quilt is stunning, gorgeous, wonderful as always. :) Lucky Mary....she really does deserve it for all her hard work!

  8. Gosh, this story sounds familiar! I always add a color catcher sheet now that I know how color runs if it wants to. I am so glad you had a happy ending and so will Mary, this quilt is beautiful and coming from mom (and sister) makes it even more so.

  9. This is a beautiful quilt, Deb! I wish that my sister were a quitler, and that our Mother was still alive! What a keepsake for Mary!


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