Sunday, August 10, 2008

yesterday's fabric done and the dolls!

Today I heat set the batting and cheesecloth I painted yesterday. Here is some of the cheesecloth.
And below is a small sampling of the batting.

All ready to go into my Textured reef quilt sample.
Between pool time, the girls worked and finished their dolls. Grandpop says they look much better than Grandmom's crack whore mermaid doll.....

Here is Kara with hers.

And Sammy with hers.

Tomorrow is our last full day, this trip. (:-(

Nite all.


  1. Yummy colors for your batting and cheesecloth. The dolls are adorable! They aren't whorish at all!

  2. Your work always leaves me speechless. Now your granddaughters are leaving me speechless.

  3. Love looking at all your creations! The painted cheesecloth and batting, dolls, and especially the trapunto quilt.

  4. Well, the girls' dolls are cute, but I kinda like the crack-whore mermaid myself :)

    Oh, and LOVE the painted cheesecloth - another one for The List.

  5. The dolls are cute, but those girls are beautiful!


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