Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can you believe it!!!

It's pouring....again. Thanks to Gustav. Don had to drain the pool this afternoon, and will again in the morning. We are OK, but just a few miles south of here, there are still so many people out of their homes from the flooding of Fay last week. Now, we are sandwiched between TWO storms! Fortunately for us, Gustav will be mainly a rain event for us and not a land falling hurricane.

I really am concerned for the people of the Louisiana looks as if they will bear the brunt of Gustav. We have family there, as do some of you. Please, lets all think positive thoughts for them.

And Hanna...what are you going to do? Where will you go??

It is the peak of 'cane" season after all. I'll be glad when it's over! Just 3 more months!

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