Saturday, August 9, 2008

A little prep work too

I have another textures class to teach the beginning of September. This is a 2 day class in which we will complete a wall quilt 36" x26" ...a textured and dimensional coral reef. Trying to get the sample done, I'm working during the girls "quiet" time. Today I painted batting and cheesecloth for various uses in the reef.

All the batting and cheesecloth was done with Jacquard's Dye-Na- Flow paints.

And then, I need tyvek pieces too. Some are soft structure, and some are hard structure. They are painted with Jacquard's Lumiere paints before heating. Here is a small sample of the pieces done today...before heating and after.

When I get the piece on the longarm, I'll give you some more construction details.

Later, gators!

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  1. wow that is really neat! never thought you could use paint and tyvek together to create such a wonderful effect .. this workshop sounds like a LOT of fun ... to bad I'm 2 days drive away LOL


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