Sunday, August 17, 2008


All the prep is done. The hurricane shutters are up, the furniture moved inside from the lanai, as are the plants, bird feeders and baths. We have plenty of food,water and kitty supplies. The cars are filled with gas, we have flashlights and batteries; and gas for the generator. We are ready as we can be for whatever Fay throws at us. The boat is secured, all the sails and canvas off. The propane tanks full as are the water tanks. We are ready. The outer bands are pouring on us now....just a taste of what's to come. But this is south Florida...hurricanes are are way of life here. The main thing is to be ready. And the best part is ...we always have plenty of warning---time to prepare. Unlike those who live in tornado alley, or earthquake country. Mother nature always gives us several days of warning. We have learned over the years to heed that warning. We did, and we're ready. So we hunker down and hope for the best, knowing we have prepared for the worst. We have endured worse than what this one will be. SO ... in preparation, I also did some sewing. Got a couple postcards done, and my inches made and quilted. So that if the power goes out, I will have work to do by hand...beading my inches. The longarm doesn't like the generator power...we found that out after Charley in 2004. So now each year I prepare hand work to keep me busy until the power is restored.

We have a family postcard exchange deadline coming up, so I got that one done. The theme is "Heat". I also have an MQR postcard exchange coming up...theme is "Gone with the Wind" worked on that too. Bet you can guess what mine will portray.....
And Kelly wanted a bookmark this is what I made for her.

I will go first thing in the morning to the post office, before things deteriorate too much to get these in the mail.
Tomorrow I'll try to post . Tuesday will be the worst I may not be able to talk to you then, but will be back as soon as I can.
Have a great night!


  1. Be safe! Post how you're doing when you get a chance.

  2. Mom,
    I know you and Trout and the kitties will be fine...... but I love you and I love the post card. I will talk to you in a few days and try to enjoy the quiet after the storm.

  3. Chris, the weather geek, is very disappointed about Fay. Generally that means that it's no going to do much and is good news for everyone else. I hope he stays depressed over Fay!

  4. We also put up our shutters today and stocked up on canned goods, crackers, water, and batteries. Do not have a generator; have thought about it but never made the purchase. We were w/o power for 1 week after Gabrielle in 2001. No fun :( Let's hope all the preparation is for nothing, but better safe than sorry and Charie certainly proved that they have no clue what these things are going to do until the moment they hit.

  5. It's good to be safe but I remember well all the Florida years getting ready for storms that never arrived. Hopefully, this one will either be mild or bypass you completely.

  6. Thinking of you, cant turn off the news. Hope you are well and this doesnt hang around long.

  7. ((((Hugs))) You will be in my thoughts!Stay safe!

  8. Keeping you in my thoughts...hope you all stay safe!


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