Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just about over

The worst of Fay is about over for us. It really was not bad, which is a good thing. Our highest winds were 60 mph, and we are getting lots of rain. The winds have really dropped off now too. On the photo below you can see the 'eye' is north and well east of us now. The storm is really moving slowly, so the gusty winds and rain will be here for a while yet. The power flickered a couple times, but never went out for us. That is a very good thing....cause that is a major pain. Even though we have a generator, you can't really get it going till after the storms pass. We were lucky this time....and lucky is GOOD.
So, during the night and early this morning while the wind was howling and I couldn't sleep, I worked on beading my inchies. Not yet half done...I have to make a total of 29, but they are looking pretty good I think. I used hot pink, hand dyed dupioni silk stitched with Sulky holoshimmer thread in lime green. The beads are pink and lime. I love these little word beads!
I'll get the rest beaded so they can go out in the mail tomorrow.
Hope everyone else in the path of this storm fairs as well as we did.


  1. It's a good thing you weren't able to sleep if these need to be mailed tomorrow - that's a lot of beading.

    Glad it was no worse than wind and rain.

  2. Those inchies are really cute - if you look at them quickly they look like Rice Krispie squares - lol.

    Glad you are safe and didn't have any damage. Do the kitties get scared when there are storms?

  3. glad it wasn't too bad.

    those inchies are cute, cute, cute.

    more jealousy. sheesh. i sure hope you guys are going to do this again, cause i WANT SOME.

  4. Those are very clever! I'm glad the storm was uneventful. Maybe your shirts will arrive tomorrow.

  5. i'm glad you are safe. and the inchies! i can't wait to get one!

  6. I live in Venice and we got hardly any wind or rain. Took the shutters down today; happily put up for nothing. My daughter and I both enjoyed our "hurricane day" together today as school was closed as was my work.

  7. Hey Mama, glad to hear you and Trout and the kitties are ok.....I love the inchies, what are they for? Anyway love you just cuz I can remind you of that.... Kara says she is glad you guys are ok.

  8. Deb I was out of town and totally unconnected in Northern Ontario - not even sure we heard about the storm up there .. would have at home ..

    Glad you made it through safely!!

    okay .. what are inchies .. you've mentioned them in a few of the posts i'm catching up on - but what are they?? they are cute tho ;)



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