Saturday, August 9, 2008


Kelly and her girls arrived Wednesday. We have been having a blast since. First, a couple pool pictures. This is Kara....our 12 year old. And this is Sammy...our 5 year old.
Since Grandmom just had surgery last week, we are staying pretty close to home this visit. But we are staying busy, between the pool and crafts. I bought these panels at MQS... I believe...2007. I got 3, one for each granddaughter. Here is Kara's all colored and heat set. Ready for Grandmom to make into a wall hanging or pillow ( we haven't decided yet).

And her is Sammy with hers all done.

And then, the girls wanted to make their own dolls like Grandmom's crack whore Mermaid ( though we don't call her that in front of the girls). I had ordered bendi dolls from Joggles a while back, thinking the girls might like to do them.

Today they painted the bodies...we started sewing the clothes late today too, but won't finish that part till tomorrow. This one is Kara's.

And here is Sammy's. They did a great job with the painting. For those interested, we used Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow.

And that's enough for this post. Stay tuned to see the finished dolls in a day or 2.
Have a great night!


  1. Looks like you are having some fun!!

    I find it interesting that they call you "Grandmom". My mother is called that too. There was no way she was going to be called "Granny"!! :-)

  2. These girls must LOVE visiting you. There's way too much fun there. Their painted panels looked great. Can't wait to see the dolls. Instead of crack whores maybe they can be high end call girls.

  3. Those girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW! Glad you are loving them up! I love the crack whore dolls ( cause I just wanted to say crack whore doll) Have a great time!
    Love yer guts GrandMom:)

  4. I wondered when the girls were supposed to arrive - boy does Samantha look like Kelly or what?

    Glad you all are having fun - tell them all hi for me.


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