Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another quilt

And this will be the last post tonight. I know, it's either feast or famine lately from me. Well, things will be getting back to normal soon I hope. In the meantime, here is my final gift from my MQR secret sister...Kalynda! She has been sending me the best gifts the last 6 months. Thank you so much Kalynda! You are the best!!!! All this stuff will be put to great use in the coming months. AND, if that was not enough, I also received my first postcard in this new exchange from Shirley. The theme is "Gone with the wind" It is just fantastic Shirley! Thanks.
And this was the last client quilt I finished before my surgery. She was quite happy, thankfully!

OK, 3 posts in one night...whew, I'm exhausted! Time to turn in and rest up to have more fun with those girls tomorrow!
Nite all! (for real this time...LOL)


  1. Kalynda sent you some pretty play things and your quilt is beautiful. Love the butterflies around the flowers.

  2. I love that understatement - "She was quite happy, thankfully." If this person has any sense she was dancing on the ceiling and turning cartwheels! Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. What lovely colors she sent to you!

    I really love that flower quilt and how you quilted it.

  4. Great quilting, you made a fairly ordinary quilt into a star piece!

  5. I have a small wallhanging to quilt for Maureen and that background would be perfect but I can't see it clearly enough to see if I can draw it. Any chance of close-up ..or even better a drawing that shows me how to quilt it??

    I'm almost afraid to ask but any ETA on my quilt? This one is lovely as usual I'm not surprised that the owner loved it.

  6. That is one of the most beautifully quilted pieces I have ever seen - even at quilt shows. Exquisite!
    Michele in TN


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