Sunday, August 5, 2007

A weekend off, sort of

Well, no quilting this weekend. Don had his last sailboat race of the summer series today, and we had the after race crew party. so I've been cleaning and cooking for the last 2 days.And tomorrow is my textile workshop, we will be working with both Angelina and silk fusion to make fabric for various uses. So I got my class samples made, and the handouts typed and printed; and all the participants supply kits put together.Then Tuesday, I'll be back to customer quilts. And of course you have to see the latest photos of my babies!

And check out the latest quilt that Mary looks great!

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  1. It's not that good - it'll do but nothing to write home about!

    I'd love to get it shipped off tomorrow but I've already got a bag load of stuff to go mail so I'll wait another day or two. I don't have a big enough box so I'll take it to Kinko's and box it up there.


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