Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back in the groove

Loaded and started another quilt today. This is the second of it's kind, made for a clients' granddaughters. I finished the other one last week. It it Norma Sharp's 'Rose vine' in the body of the quilt, with leaves in the inner striped border and a piano key outer border. Of course using luscious King tut thread.
And this is a sheet of 'fabric made from Angelina fibers from my textile group workshop on Monday. this will make beautiful shiny leaves for a future quilt!

And this is another Angelina 'fabric' sheet. This one made from the newer crimped fibers. love this stuff!! it has more sheen and better drape. Can you see beautiful flowers coming from this? I sure can.

This also is Angelina 'fabric'. On this one I made the sheet of 'fabric' then embossed it by ironing it over a large foam dragonfly stamp. then cut it out. Now it's ready to applique!

And here is a sheet of silk fusion, made from soy silk roving...again beautiful flowers will come from this.

And this one also is silk fusion. These colors would be good for flowers, but I can also see that they could make their way into one of my seascapes. What do you see?
Or a sunrise background for our 'new beginnings' postcard swap, eh Vicki?


  1. Oh yes indeed!
    what a fun day!

  2. Those cats up there are cute but a LITTLE big - can you get a narrower slice of that photo??

    I just don't get the fiber stuff but then I don't make Art quilts so I guess I wouldn't. Didn't realize you were going to do the postcard swap. I liked the ones I saw on Vicki's blog - esp. the Whale Tail.

  3. Hey Mom, Love the fabric!!! And the babies are getting so big! Good luck in the upcoming show!


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