Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shipping quilts again

I shipped off 2 quilts today that are in the quilt show in Jacksonville next month. This one, "Reef Rendezvous II" was juried into Mid-Atlantic Quilt show this past Feb., but didn't ribbon. It's wholecloth and I hand dyed the fabric. The photo above is of my quilt hanging at MA-QF. I wasn't there but my Mother and Aunt Nancy(above) were there with Mary, who took this photo for me.
I used airtex 16oz. batting for the trapunto and Superior King Tut thread.
And this one, "Some like it Hot....Frog Legs Cajun Style" some of you have seen before. It won an honorable mention this year at MQS. We'll see how they do in this venue...you know different judges, different opinions.

I will be going to this show. I also know of 2 other quilts that I quilted for customers that are in as well, both ribboned in the Southwest Florida Quilt show this past Feb. too. It'll be fun to be there and it's always a kick to see your work hanging in shows.


  1. Oooooh, I like the Frog Legs quilt, frogs are my favorite. You did a great job!

  2. I remember seeing the first one at Mid_Atlantic. Do you get nervous mailing your quilts?

  3. Boy, Mom looks happy doesn't she? She was laughing about something. Good luck with both quilts plus the customer quilts - when is the show? I don't think I realized you were going to go. Too bad I can't meet you there.


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