Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A change of "plan"

There is a slight change of plan. In an earlier post I had 1 mariners compass block and a "plan" for a quilt. Well the plan changed, as often happens, and I designed a new quilt for this block. Only trouble is, for this design I now need 4 mariners compass blocks. OK, so I SUFFER through paper piecing 3 more of these blocks. And by the way, whoever said paper pieced blocks are perfect?? HELLO....mine sure aren't!! Anyway, I digress. So, now I have 4 mariner's compass blocks and a 'plan'. Well, after all that trouble of piecing those 4 PITA blocks, it surely is a waste to use them all in 1 quilt!

So, now, the new 'plan' is to make a series of 4 quilts...each starring their very own mariner's compass block in some way, shape or form! Brilliant, don't ya think!

Earlier, I was in a discussion about pre-planning vs 'flying by the seat of your pants'. Well the gist was, that I'm a fly by or wing it kinda gal. So the above makes sense to you now, right?

And as to that earlier discussion, my sister Mary made a post and this is for her: I am NOT more creative than you...we just create different things, and they are all art in my view, yours, mine and everyone else's too. And for those of you who haven't seen the wonderful charitable work she does just look here Mary's blog and here Heartstrings project. She does it for the greater, well.............

I do some charity quilting, but it doesn't even begin to compare with what Mary does.

My post cards are done and in the mail. Thanks, Vicki for coordinating this exchange. And the theme was perfect. I used a piece of fabric I hand dyed that looked like 'stormy skies' to me. I made a sheet of Angelina 'fabric' and cut my sun from that. Then I took some embroidered flowers and some yarn and stitch them on. And last, added hot fix crystals to the flower centers, and voila! Postcards are born. And I can't wait for the next one! It is such a neat way to collect art from your friends, old and new.

And thanks to all who commented on my beautiful new stained glass windows thanks...Gina, I'll tell them you're adoptable and a good deal at that!

And first thing tomorrow morning my new machine and table arrives, yippee! then, I guess the foolin' around is over and it's back to work!

Don't know how I ended up with so much empty space at the bottom.??? Oh well. Have a good night all.


  1. Do you really think you'll get any sleep tonight, Miss Deb? Somehow I doubt it.
    Have fun tomorrow.

  2. Ooooh are we going to have an internet family fight? The Most Creative Sister Smack Down! LOL! Your postcards look fantastic! I'll get mine made after Craft Week.

  3. Whatever you do with those blocks, I can't wait to see. They just seem to sparkle!

  4. No fight here. My personal opinion is there are quilts and there are Art quilts. I make old fashion, use them on the bed/wrap up in them quilts and while you make some of those, your focus is your Art. I don't compete in arena's I can't win in! (Not that I'm competitive)

  5. By the way, just so I have this straight. You made 1 compass and then decided to redesign the quilt and then needed 4 blocks...and then decided they each deserved their own quilt?

    So are you going to use the original design as one of the 4?

  6. Mariners are my favorites! I love paper piecing, when I USED TO DO MY Beautiful brights! Love em! cant wait to see results!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I love paper piecing and mariner compass blocks. My blocks are aways perfect, a perfect mess that is.

    Yes it all makes sense, I flying by the seat my pants all the time and some landings are not perfect but they sure are creative.

    I love the work Mary does. I always ask why can't I work as fast as she does and do such a great job.

    We all are so lucky we do different types of quilting. It makes the world a fun place.

    I am the one who deleted the above comment because I can not spell or type for a **** today. Sorry it has been one of those days again.


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