Monday, February 25, 2008

I was bad...AGAIN!

OK, I have an Ipod..Nano to be exact. I listen to music while I quilt. I have had my nano in a speaker system and that works. But I find I need the volume a little loud to hear over the machine...not real loud, but loud enough that I can't hear the doorbell. So....last week I got the usual advert from apple..this time showing a 2nd generation shuffle for $49 ! Well, how could I, in my right mind pass up a deal such as this? Well, the answer is, I didn't! I ordered blue. Isn't it cute? Christmas before last, I had ordered one of these (before they came out in colors) for my oldest granddaughter, Kara. She loves it.

Well, it came today, and I loaded it with my playlists and then used it for the 2nd half of my day. Let me tell you how wonderful it it. I can listen to all my is so tiny and light it doesnt get in the way. It is 2" x 1" and has a built in clip so you can clip it to your shirt(or pants). It comes with earbuds and the USB charger dock. They engrave it for FREE, and ship it for FREE.

I used it this afternoon while working. tiny and unobtrusive, and you can listen at a lower volume so I could still hear both everything going on around me, and the music. Didn't get in the way like the larger Nano did. Holds 1 gig....more than enough to get me thru 12 hours of quilting.

I am thrilled...It won't replace the Nano...but is a nice "working" ipod. For $49....a good deal in my view. Not affiliated, yada yada.

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  1. I've been thinking lately that I can't live without one of these and I think you have just convinced me that I was right! It is just so darned cute and blue is my favourite colour......

  2. I have one in Pink. I use my full size iPod docked in the Bose speaker in the sewing room and I carry it on trips too but mostly I like to use the Shuffle when I travel - I clip it to my jacket.

  3. good for you! I love the blue!! I have a nano too! Now will have to get a shuffle!!


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