Wednesday, February 27, 2008


But first, a couple fur baby photos. I am working away in the studio and my helpers are lounging around in the guest room! Which you can see from the picture also serves as my overflow quilting room. Yes, that is a roll of batting on the bed (I only have room for 2 rolls under my longarm table) so the others are strategically placed around the house.
It was a little chilly today and VERY windy, so these 2 lazy lima beans spent the day napping. What a life!
I, however was working away! I'm in the home stretch now...finishing the background fill. This is the center.

And this is the outer is 18" wide. 24" from the edge to the green block you see a piece of. Lots and lots of white space on this quilt.

With any luck I'll get it finished up by tomorrow afternoon so it's owner can have it back.

Enjoy your evening!


  1. I sure hope we are going to get a full photo (and lots of details) on this quilt! What we can see is incredible!!

  2. It looks really nice Deb, it was a lot of space to fill but you did it! I'm with Vicki, I can't wait to see the whole thing.

    You got a lot stuff on *my* bed don't you??

  3. I LOVE watching the progress on this quilt! I love those kitties too!

  4. Your quilting is beautiful. BTW, those cats are pretty cute as well.

  5. Wow what stunning quilting! And I like your 2 lazy lima beans too...I think I want to come back as a cat...they really do have it made!

  6. Can't wait to see this quilt when you are finished!! It looks downright stunning!

    Love those furbabies, too!

  7. I just want to pick up your babies and give them a big cuddle - they are so cute! Your quilting is, as always, just amazing - can hardly wait to see it finished!

  8. i'm curiouser and curiouser to see the finished product! wow.

  9. Oh wow that quilt is just gorgeous! Great work! those lima beans are just so lima bean is sleeping too all day..and jumping all night hehehe..and driving me crazy..are all ragdolls like that? and they love the quilts we are working on don't they!


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