Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A surprise in the mail!

I love getting fun, unexpected mail. And today I got this cute postcard and bookmark from my mother.
I took the bookmark out so you could see the cute little butterflies on the background. Thanks Mother!
And along the postcard lines. Here is my card the July family swap. The theme is "patriotic".

And I even finished up a little work.

I quilted feathers in the setting triangles, a hibiscus flower with radiating rays in the blocks, and ba-bump feathers in the border.

With the summer thunderstorms, I turn off the longarm in the afternoon when they start, so my quilting slows down a lot in the summer. But the up side is I have more time to work on my own piecing, applique, painting and dyeing! Not a bad trade off.
Have a great night!


  1. Cute postcards - Mom made one for me too.

  2. Cute post cards. I love the flag. Good job.

  3. All nice, but I really love the postcard and bookmark. I can see where you and Mary got your talent from.

  4. What a lovely fun that your family is doing it too.
    Awesome quilting as usual. :)

  5. Love the postcards! And your quilting is awesome, as always!

  6. Your family is just amazing. I appreciate all that you share via your blogs. So many quilts, so many small projects -- there is always a lovely bit of eye candy here or at Mary's. I just nominated you for the Brillante Weblog Premio Award. I'd nominate Mary, too, but I know she's been travelling. If you are interested, please check it out at my blog to learn more.

  7. very nice postcards and bookmark..lucky you! I love the flag too you did a great job...

  8. Very cute postcards, I haven't made any yet just wondering if they are send in the mail??? I know I'm naiive...hehe..and wow your quilting is awesome... thanks for the postings...Lise


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