Thursday, May 22, 2008

More new stuff!

This is my latest new piece of equipment, thanks to Gina E. It is a great magnifier that clamps onto the handlebar of my machine. I have tried several, from the magna vision to JoAnn's version of this one. This beats them all hands down!!! It fits the crossbar, has a long flexible arm, and the magnifying lens is large. There is NO vibration with the machine running, no nausea or motion sickness using it.
And I can see!

This background fill isn't all that tiny, but I had to try it out. This will be a sight saver to be sure when doing micro fill!

And when you don't need it, if easily moves out of the way and has it's own sweet little cover to protect the lens. Goes on my list of best tools. And it was $39.99 with shipping! A bargain.

Now when my saddle stool arrives, not only will I be able to see, but I'll be able to work comfortably too! Life is good!


  1. What beautiful tiny patterns you can stitch - (and, a spiffy manicure, BTW!) That looks like a great tool. I wonder if you could attach something like that to a regular sewing machine - bifocals and I don't get along, and I could use a little magnification sometimes - I can't even thread some sewing machine needles without my magnifying glass any more.

  2. I love that! I have to use my desk hand one, and of course, I need 2 more hands... How can I get one, does Gina have a web site?
    Love the Poppin pink nails:)

  3. I'd like a link to the website too!!

    If I'm ever going to get as good as Deb I'm going to need one of those!


  4. I might just need one of those too.


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