Thursday, May 8, 2008

The latest finish

This is my latest finish. A cute retro bow tie. My client wanted pretty, but not too much quilting. It is for her granddaughter's graduation. I'll deliver it tomorrow.So I did motifs in the plain blocks, continuous curve in the bow ties, a ba bump feather in the green sashing and beadboard in the outer border.

Spent today, getting a new cell phone for Don, and supplies for mine and Mary's classes at MQS next week ( yes, we are taking the same classes) ......5 more sleeps........
Have a great night!


  1. Deb
    again, lovely quilting.. I had a close squiz at this quilt, the bow tie quilt I made a few years ago, I did the four patch way, but this way would be HEAPS quicker, two sized snowballs, how easy is that???
    have fun when you have run away from home, we are running away at the same time !

    take care


  2. It looks wonderful! I like the postcards too...cute!
    So, what classes are you and Mary taking?

  3. Im considering a stowaway in someones suitcase this week....grrrrr
    Pretty pretty treatment.. so sweet.

  4. You quilted it beautifully!

  5. I really love your quilting on this quilt. I am also counting the days umtil MQS!


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